Tuesday, September 22, 2009

digging these pockets

One thing that drives me nuts about J. Peterman is the lack of photos on their website.  I'm iffy on their marketing babel and I hear that their quality is on the poorish side of things.  I'm very interested in this jacket however, or perhaps I'm interested in the upper pockets. Instead of having flaps the pocket has an upper yolk/cape that comes down and buttons over the tops of the pockets.  I would love to have a british khaki canvas sports/norfolk jacket with those pockets. Ditch the epaulettes and add in a bi-swing back and lower bellows pockets, the jacket would be killer.  Throw in some leather covered buttons while your at it.And the obligatory bizarre J. Peterman spiel:
"Once a year I drop in to see Lord George Milford Haven, 451st in line for the throne.

He has a small country estate outside Liphook. We usually spend the afternoon tramping across the moors, scaring up grouse and pheasant.

On my last visit, he greeted me wearing a very fine pair of muck boots, moleskins, and this jacket.

"So, what's going to be the big seller this year?" He asked.

"You're wearing it."

Four-Pocket Herringbone Blazer (No. 2446). The quintessential country gentleman's jacket. Made of a handsome fabric from a mill that's been turning out 100% English wool for his family since the 1830s. Amazingly soft and luxurious, but still rugged.

The pocket flap is actually part of a larger swatch of material that's anchored at the shoulder and side seam, and tucks under the lapel. Not only unique, but a sign of master tailoring. The inverted pleats on the pocket and the epaulettes give it a military feel."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Hat Day!

Or new used hat day!  Not sure how it looks on me, I feel a bit weird in it.

No Sleep

Have not really slept the last 2 nights due to my daughter deciding that going to bed at 4am is a reasonable activity.  In my few hours of napping I had some pretty weird dreams.  The "huge decrepit rambling victorian houses inhabited by unseen shambling horrors" kinda weird.   I think I've been spending too much time over at over at propnomicon.

Oh and in the weird an wonderful vein anyone else looking forward to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus ?
And lastly, Andrew did some shading on my SeaStag last night, one more trip and he should be done.

Monday, September 14, 2009


So after championing  Sigg for years they have done this whole "we never said we didn't have BPA, we said we didn't leach BPA" thing, what I remember them saying in fact was "we don't know if we have BPA, the company that make our liners won't tell us but tests confirm that no BPA is leached."  New information from SIGG is saying that they knew the whole time what was in their liners.

Now Sigg is doing a voluntary recall where they will replace any older bottle you have.  I'm going to send in my old bottles but I'm torn on keeping the new ones.  I feel lied to by Sigg, but the alternatives are stainless bottle like Kleen Kanteen and they are made in China.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being Steve Mcqueen

Trying a little Nerd Boyfriend action here

Steve McQueen "The War Lovers"


Hamilton Khaki Officer Automatic

Coca-Cola Classic 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

riffing on...

Now how to tie it all together?