Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Conor

This post is for Conor over at Young Man/Old Man .  Even though I think he should grow a beard the rest of his sartorial musings are sound.  So yeah check him out if you've got a chance.

My Chippewa #25290's are just about a year old, they have gone from looking like this:

After a year of trudging thru mud, cutting down trees, digging gardens, cutting down more trees, shoveling sand, laying bricks and a whole heckofalotta standing around, they like this:

So I re-waxed them last night with Nikwax.  The Nikwax was separated in it's tube, I tried to masage it back into a homogenous mass.  I think I failed, the wax part of the solution is just sitting on top of the leather and the oil part got absorbed.  The leather was at first really soft, but now the wax is just flaking off.  I'll pick up another tube of Nikwax and try re-waxing them this week.



  1. Damn those look great! I'm quite interested in why Chippewa calls these motorcycle boots since they're suited to many activities besides riding a motorcycle. I've hiked a good bit in mine and they are great for that. But they would look pretty badass on a motorcycle, I'm sure.

    And I would grow a beard if only I could, but what I've got now is about as good as I can do.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. Next time, try a little heat to get the Nikwax back together ... something like a cup of boiling water is generally hot enough.