Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Norfolk jacket

I have a new (to me) Norfolk jacket coming over from dear old blighty.  I like the cut and colour, and should be able to match it with a few different looks.  I'm thinking of perhaps picking up the vauxhall trousers and waistcoat from Old Town Clothing.  For some reason I'm currently inlove with the idea of fistail backs on trousers.  I was thinking either the grey moleskin or corn corduroy, not really sure how the corn corduroy would look with the colours in the jacket,  it may be a bit too startling. 
Another startling option would be a set of trews in the Taylor or Cameron weathered hunting tartan.  The taylor would be rakish, and horrible and simply lovely while the Cameron would be a bit more subdued.  
There also was this J. Press jacket up on ebay I could use for inspiration.  I like the addition of the mechanics sweater, I would however go with a this reproduction m1911 sweater from WPG. If I was to go the mechanics sweater route I could pair it up with a nice pair of Barbour or Orvis moleskin pants.

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